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Amy -chama
22 October 1989
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Hey, I'm Amy-chama. I am an Asian-American. As in my mom is a Filipina (from the Philippines) and my dad is an American (from the United States of America). I'm currently a college stundent going for a Linguistics Major in hopes of Law School. I'm a rather simple-minded person, and I enjoy laughter. I'm a Christian with an obsession with Asian entertainment. Particularly JE bands. My favorite is Arashi, with Kanjani8 being a very close second! (But I love a lot of the other JE bands too~) This journal is pretty much a space to rant. Sorry if I sound somewhat long-winded at times... I hope we can all get along~! :3

I really love to make icons, headers, layouts, etc. So take a look at my graphics if you want. :D I appreciate it! You can find them here!