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FRIENDS ONLY! So Post an Intro... HERE! *updated May 27, 2012*


My journal is now Friends Locked! Posts with my rants/daily life/fangirl ramblings will be here. Some other posts of my choice will be locked as well. BUT! MY GRAPHICS POSTS AND REQUEST POSTS WILL NOT BE LOCKED! EVER!  ALL MY GRAPHICS POSTS AND REQUESTS HAVE MOVED TO THIS LJ: happystorm Still, don't feel obligated to add me. ^^ *but it is nice~*

If you want to add me, I'd appreciate it if you maybe put a short intro as your comment here? I'd like to at least know a little about you before I add you back. (But it's not necessary... I'll always add you back eventually. ^^;) So, here's my self-intro. Collapse )
Gyakuten Naruse


Yep! I made a PUBLIC account. Go here to see it~


Yeah. From now on, I'll be posting ALL MY GRAPHICS, RECS, LISTS, ETC. ON THIS ACCOUNT! So please add it if you're interested in that.

I was getting annoyed at how clogged this LJ was getting. XD So I felt the need to make this one. As of right now, there's nothing there, but don't worry. I'm working on it. XD I'll probably use my old layout for it until I'm done.

Also note, this account will most likely have to be put on hiatus when I'm in school and whatnot, so please don't think I've abandoned it or whatever. It's just hard for me to juggle school AND my internet excursions so please bear with it. Ok~ ;3

And so, from now on, this LJ will be PRIVATE. Please keep that in mind too, ok? I'll basically just be posting my memes and daily rambles here. Also, I will keep my Project 365 here too.

So just think of it this way. Anything related to my life will be here. Anything that's done for the sake of you guys (like icons, layouts, recs, etc.) will be there.

I love you guys by the way~ :D